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MADE IN CHINA – The China Virus is Racist? LEFTISTS SAY BLAMING CHINA FOR THE CORONAVIRUS AKA COVID-19 IS RACIST?! WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY REALLY ON? Listen to “The China Virus is Racist?” on Spreaker.   If you support my podcast #GoRight with Peter Boykin consider chipping in currently the website host, podcast […]

The Communist China Party Virus: All Jokes Aside Its Time To Take This Seriously as the Cancel Everything Movement is Destroying Small Businesses.   Where and What small business owners can do and who can help during the coronavirus shutdowns With government officials across the country ordering restaurants and bars to close except for takeout […]

President Trump really did cross out Coronavirus and put in the Chinese virus in his press speech – You have to love this       President Trump doesn’t think using the phrase “Chinese virus” creates a stigma. A reporter asked Trump during a Tuesday press briefing addressing the coronavirus outbreak about the criticism he […]

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