Securing Our Borders A Crucial Shield Against Terrorism

Written by on October 16, 2023

Securing Our Borders: A Crucial Shield Against Terrorism

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Securing Our Borders: A Crucial Shield Against Terrorism

Securing Our Borders: A Crucial Shield Against Terrorism

Securing Our Borders: A Crucial Shield Against Terrorism

In the ever-evolving global landscape, the resurgence of terrorist groups like Hamas raises red flags, reminding us of the critical need to prioritize the protection of our southern border. The parallels with Israel’s struggles, particularly their own 9/11 level attack, serve as a stark reminder that terrorism is a threat that transcends borders. As a nation, the imperative is clear – we must put America First while steadfastly looking out for our allies, including Israel.

The concern amplifies when we consider the delicate balance between exercising our First Amendment rights and the potential misuse that can lead to supporting terrorism. The recent surge in protests, often leaning towards favoring Palestine over Israel, warrants a close examination. While the First Amendment grants us the freedom of speech and expression, it does not provide a license to pull a metaphorical fire alarm in a crowded room, instigating chaos and harm.

Our constitutional rights should be wielded responsibly, and the line between peaceful protests for positive change and activities that incite hatred and violence must be discerned. The history of protests in our country has been a catalyst for positive societal shifts, and it is paramount that we safeguard this legacy.

As a candidate for the position of Lt Governor in the 2024 election, I am committed to navigating the delicate balance between upholding constitutional rights and recognizing when boundaries have been breached. Our nation cannot afford to become as volatile as others have witnessed, with protests leading to desecrations and societal breakdowns.

The words spoken in the past by Donald Trump resonate with the urgency of the situation now. His past call for bans on immigrants from countries harboring known terrorist groups reflects a proactive approach to national security. Perhaps it is time to reconsider and reinforce policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of American citizens.

Currently, the leadership in place appears to be inadvertently causing more harm than healing. If elected as Lt Governor, I pledge to work towards a government that knows its place – one that protects constitutional rights while taking decisive action when the well-being of our nation is at stake. Together, let us build a future where America and North Carolina stand strong and united against the threats that seek to divide and destabilize us.








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