Peter Boykin For North Carolina Lt Governor

Peter Boykin For North Carolina Lt Governor

Peter Boykin is The True “We The People” Grassroots Americans First Constitutionalist For North Carolina

Your Voice Matters

Your Voice Matters




#GoRight with Peter Boykin

#GoRight with Peter Boykin

In both North Carolina and America, there’s an urgent need for comprehensive economic stimulation, border protection, quality education, medical freedom, secure elections, job creation, and sustained job security. Furthermore, affordable healthcare options should be accessible to all citizens.

The cornerstone of our nation’s strength lies in the individual’s right to achieve their best potential, all while respecting the rights of others.

As a first-world nation, our priority should be putting “Americans First,” emphasizing the well-being of all our citizens. Critical aspects such as healthcare, food, education, civil rights, state and national security, and employment opportunities should transcend partisan lines. These are not Left or Right issues—they are fundamental elements that shape the foundation of a prosperous and equitable society.

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We the People, desire to choose leaders who are weary of the established norms and the dominance of a single political entity dictating our lives. It’s high time we elect individuals who understand that their authority stems from the people, not the government.

Will you elect Peter Boykin so he can prove this?

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Peter Boykin For 2024

Peter Boykin For 2024


Peter Boykin for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor 2024
Grassroots Americans First Constitutionalist

Peter Boykin is a Constitutionalist that Believes Protecting Our Rights is the most important task a Representative of All Citizens MUST do. That is his mission.

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It's Time for Citizens to Win

It’s Time for Citizens to Win

#GoRight with Peter Boykin Podcast

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The right of the individual to achieve the best that is within him, as long as he respects the rights of others, is the source of our nation’s strength.

Government exists to protect the freedom of opportunity in which each individual’s creative ability can flourish.

Government activities should be limited to those things which people cannot do at all, or cannot do so well for themselves.

The most effective government is the government closest to the people.

Those who cannot provide for themselves should be assisted by both government and society, but that every effort should be made to help them become self-supporting, productive citizens with pride in their independence.

Equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity belong to all, regardless of race, creed, age, sexuality, sex/gender, or national origin.

The preservation of our Nation and the security of our citizens depend upon the Constitution, the laws, and the courts, and that respect for them is the responsibility of every Individual.

The government is accountable for maintaining sound money and a responsible economy. Individual rights, liberties, and properties are continually eroded when citizens are oppressed by excessive taxation, inflation, government waste, and over-regulation.

The government is responsible for national defense and only a strong America can remain a free America.

It is absolutely essential to maintain a strong national defense posture in order that we may at all times negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness, in our continuing efforts toward world peace and friendship.

These concepts are the foundation of our nations strength and that the Republic is based on, as a Constitutionalist I am committed to the preservation of this country, this is my goal today and for the Future.

#GoRight For Peter Boykin
Peter Boykin For NC LT GOVERNOR 2024

Let's Keep North Carolina Great

Let’s Keep North Carolina Great

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Peter Boykin

Peter Boykin


Peter Boykin is an American political commentator, podcaster, author, and political candidate in NC

Peter Boykin for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor 2024

Peter Boykin for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor 2024


Peter Boykin for North Carolina Lieutenant Governor 2024
Constitutionalist For All Citizens

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