Equal Justice Must Ring True

Written by on October 12, 2023

Equal Justice Must Ring True

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In the hallowed halls of justice, the resonance of fairness echoed through the years, a melody sung by the many who sought refuge in the blindfolded gaze of Lady Justice. The right to a fair trial, untarnished by the stains of political bias, was the cornerstone upon which societies built their trust in the legal system.

Recent times, however, have cast shadows on this foundation. A narrative unfolded where political leanings seemed to wield a gavel of their own, and justice became a pawn in the chessboard of ideology.

In the realm of American politics, Republicans found themselves under the harsh scrutiny of legal battles. The Proud Boys, Former President Trump, and those who stood up against perceived electoral fraud faced a barrage of lawsuits. Many of these legal skirmishes were dismissed or proven false, yet these legal skirmishes linger as smudges on reputations.

The left, it seemed, clung onto these cases like a painter hesitant to let go of a brushstroke. Even as innocence was declared, the public perception has clung to the notion that where there’s smoke, there must be fire. In this courtroom drama, the trial by public opinion became a potent weapon, one that could tarnish the innocent and blur the lines between fact and fiction, aka fake news.

The events of January 6, etched into the memory of the nation as J6, exemplified a disconcerting dissonance in the scales of justice. Those found guilty of relatively minor offenses faced disproportionately harsh sentences, painting a stark contrast to leniency bestowed upon individuals from the other side of the political spectrum.

In this disquieting narrative, justice seemed elusive, a fleeting ideal lost in the labyrinth of partisan battles. The very fabric of society became strained as the call for freedom of speech echoed against the threat of legal repercussions. The fear of being sued into silence cast a pall over the once vibrant marketplace of ideas.

But there is a glimmer of hope, a promise of change on the horizon. Individuals running for office, such as myself, a candidate for Lt Governor of North Carolina, must step up as champions of justice and the rule of law. I make the pledge that, if elected, I will urge the court systems to offer fair rulings to individuals based on the cornerstones of law instead of political disagreements.

In this pursuit, a call is made for activists and patriots to step up and support a change for the better in the way laws are judged. Here in North Carolina, our collective voices must amplify the commitment to justice. We must send a rallying cry for a state to ensure that fairness prevails, undistorted by political winds. A promise of action must echo across the land—a chorus of hope for a North Carolina where justice stands as an unwavering pillar, ensuring that the scales tip in pursuit of the truth, not in favor of political inclinations.




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