Divided We Fall Together We Achieve

Written by on October 19, 2023

Divided We Fall Together We Achieve

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in color Vintage Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty Standing Proud out at America

Vintage Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty Standing Proud out at America


The GOP is in the midst of a profound identity crisis, with two distinct factions vying for control under the same banner. Representative Jim Jordan, a prominent figure in the Trumpified wing of the party, finds himself at the heart of the struggle as he seeks the position of Speaker of the House. Ironically, after facing opposition from within his own ranks, Jordan rejects the idea of a coalition government with Democrats, revealing the deep-seated divisions within the party.

The GOP’s transformation into a de facto coalition is apparent, reflecting a party struggling to reconcile its divergent identities. The seismic shift in the GOP’s landscape has been accelerated by the influence of former President Donald Trump. The party, once known for its policy-centric approach, has become a populist-leaning force, driven more by ideology than policy considerations. The battle for leadership in the House mirrors the broader struggle within the party—a clash between the Trumpified present and the pre-Trump past.

Jim Jordan, representing the charismatic face of the Trumpified faction, is considered by many as the embodiment of the party’s new direction. However, the House floor vote underscores the fractures within the GOP, as a significant number of Republicans resist the ascent of Jordan.

While the House grapples with internal strife, the Senate remains a holdout, retaining elements of the pre-Trump Republican party. Senators, with their longer terms and secure seats, showcase a different dynamic. Their presidential preferences, diverging from the Trump-centric stance, highlight a party still grappling with its identity.

The GOP finds itself at a critical crossroads, torn between its Trumpified present and its pre-Trump past. The struggle for unity persists, and the prospect of a coalition, whether within the party or with Democrats, looms as a potential solution. The only certainty is that the GOP’s evolution is far from complete, and the battle for its soul continues to shape the future of American politics.

As I navigate the political landscape in my bid for the position of Lt Governor in North Carolina, it’s evident that our state, much like the nation, is grappling with internal dynamics within the Republican party. I’ve heard firsthand from constituents, and I understand the need for a more moderate foundation within our party, a shift that has been catalyzed by the influence of leaders like Trump.

In conversations with voters and fellow politicians, it’s clear that there’s a growing recognition of the intricate and nuanced nature of the issues we face. The traditional black-and-white perspectives are evolving, and North Carolinians are calling for a more open-minded and pragmatic approach.

My campaign echoes these sentiments, acknowledging the emergence of unaffiliated voters who don’t adhere to party talking points. I firmly believe that being a moderate is not a political liability; rather, it’s a strategic move in our current divisive climate. It’s about embracing compromise and fostering engagement between Republicans and Democrats to drive progress.

North Carolina, much like the rest of the country, is witnessing a surge in unaffiliated voters who seek a fresh and balanced perspective. As a candidate for Lt Governor, I pledge to represent this diverse spectrum. I understand that the allegiance should not solely be to the Republican party; it should be to the citizens of North Carolina. It’s about recognizing that all votes matter and all people matter in our state.

My vision for North Carolina goes beyond partisan lines. If elected, my allegiance is not to a party label but to the citizens who entrust me with their voices. I am committed to being a Lt Governor for all, regardless of political affiliation. This pledge is rooted in the belief that inclusivity, compromise, and a genuine commitment to serving the people are the keys to making North Carolina truly great.

In this campaign, I envision a North Carolina where every voice is heard, where collaboration takes precedence over division, and where the focus is on addressing the diverse needs of our state. This commitment to unity and a citizen-centric approach will be the driving force behind my tenure as Lt Governor, ensuring that I serve as a representative for all North Carolinians.


Divided We Fall Together We Achieve


Keep America and North Carolina Safe



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