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My Goal is to be the Protector of All of These For The Citizen

American’s First and Putting America First:


I believe we should put America First and that means putting “Americans First.” We are supposed to be a first-world nation so let’s start taking care of our citizens. Healthcare, Food, education, and more should NEVER be a Left or Right Issue. 

Protecting our Constitution and Preserving our Constitutional Rights:


We MUST do everything we can to preserve the rights granted to us in our founding documents. 

Protecting our Peaceful 1st Amendment:


Our Constitution states we have the Right to a Peaceful Assembly, and our freedom of the press.


Many Corporate Businesses including Monopolies are working to Censor OUR VOICES and even Deny us service because we have an opinion they do not share.


We MUST work against this manipulation of our hearts and minds and the corruption of our society leading us down a path that the book 1984 foresaw. 

Protecting our 2nd Amendment:


We Must Understand that when it says “Shall Not be Infringed” that means we have the right to protect ourselves from ourselves and from outside influence that would corrupt our way of life. We much also bring back proper education to our citizens on gun safety and use as our founders had believed we would always know. They never envisioned people NOT having firearms for hunting, protection, and safety, this is why this Amendment is extremely important to protect. 

Protecting our Election System and Its Integrity (Including Securing our Votes with Voter ID):

We have to prevent any tapering with our voting rights, and the collection and counting of votes. We also must ensure we are allowed to investigate properly if an audit is needed.

We should NEVER have any doubt in our voting system or who our President actually is. 


School Choice and ending Dangerous teachings in schools:


Every child deserves a sound education, and that’s only possible when families are able to choose the school environment that’s right for them.


I support homeschooling, charter schools, and private schools as an alternative to public schooling, parents should be allowed to know what is going on in their children’s schools, I would ask for more involvement with parents and teachers, lesson plans should be given in advance to parents, and I would like to see cameras in the classrooms so both teachers and students can be monitored by the parents. 


Illegal Immigration:


I propose a 25-year moratorium on immigration (unless by strict exceptions) and an immediate stop to illegal immigration. Others call for 10 years; I believe at this point we need a much longer time considering the issues we face in this country we have to solve.


As a Representative your position is to support your legal citizens you however do NOT have to serve those that do not legally belong here.


Too many representatives are willing to put those that do not belong and extend to them rights that they are NOT entitled to while at the same time not protecting and upholding the proper rights of the citizens they swore to serve and protect.


Strong Family:


A strong society depends on strong families. Traditional and non-traditional families and marriages are important to a Great America.


I would work to support all civil unions granted to us by the law. 

Pro jobs and Representation:


I would propose a better way that people can feel assured that they have a stable job.


The at-will system used by many states does not give our citizens a stable way to live without fear of losing their livelihoods to sudden layoffs and firings.


Businesses today operate with extreme capitalism to the extent it endangers our economic system, especially in cases where larger corporations lay off quicker than they hire.


This puts a burden on the states as well as the federal government to have to step up and help the citizens in their time of need.


Companies should NOT be allowed to sell out our people and our nation for pure profit.


Businesses should once again be encouraged to be as loyal to their workforce as they expect workers to be to them.  

Supporting Our Criminal Justice System (Police):


We must ensure that our officers of the law are respected. With that, they also should recognize that their duty as police officers is also to protect the safety of, WE THE PEOPLE.


Many issues lately have made it hard for many to respect our police, and many have called to defund our police departments.


I would say to this what a great man said: “without laws, we have no country.”


The Police are necessary to enforce these laws, but they must also be held to the standard that protects our rights as citizens.


This is why I call for Police Reform, which means putting more funding into the police force not less. This would include adding cameras for All officers, and an auditing system for randomized video viewing to ensure proper procedures are being taken at all times by our police. As well as education and community relationship building that is needed to build a better America.


Together we can not only Back the Blue but we will feel confident that the Blue has our backs as well. 


Criminal Justice Reform:


I support policies that rehabilitate people in prison to put them on the path to productive lives as citizens of our nation. 

Supporting and Honoring our Military and Veterans:


We MUST support our armed forces, which means setting proper rules of combat that protect our troops, not allowing woke politics to interfere with the safety of our troops, and having the proper equipment and living conditions for our active-duty military and their families. As for veterans and those coming out of the service, we should have programs set up to transition them back to being citizen civilians. We have a massive homelessness issue with our vets and this must end NOW. As well as we have to improve the VA and Medical system for our active and veteran military. They gave their best for our country and we should be giving them the best we have back. God Bless Our Armed Forces. 

Human Rights (i.e., women/men, black/white, LGBT/Straight, etc.):


Our Country was founded and gave rights to WE THE PEOPLE, not just some of the people. We have to ensure that our government and our people treat each other with equality and we are ALL given the ability to have Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness No Matter Our Race, Creed, Religion, Sexuality, Gender, or Sex.



Combating Human Trafficking:


I will work with any organization across the state or country to help put a stop to this form of modern-day slavery, as well as stopping the evil practice of pedophilia and bringing pedophiles to justice. 

Animal Rights:


We have to protect the rights and safety of animals. Cruelty to animals will NOT be tolerated. 

Pro-Life v Pro-Choice:


I support policies that respect the dignity of ALL human life. From the Unborn to natural death, we MUST protect life.


We must work towards the extreme reduction of Abortion (with set rules or exceptions in case of rape and incest) and work towards the elimination of Abortion, this does include giving true CHOICES to women on their options. No one can claim to be “Pro-Choice” when they in fact do not offer any actual “choice.”


We must also recognize that during the pandemic the cry for My Body My Choice came into play for those not wishing to be forced to take things they did not want.


We have a Constitutional Crisis as well when it comes to Abortion because a woman does have a right to their own body and liberty, but at some point after having the freedom of birth control and medication, that same woman has a responsibility for the consequences of her actions or inactions.


We are told to “Trust the Science” since 1978 roe v wade that science has changed a lot in our understanding of the stages of pregnancy. We all know the scientifically viable timeframe of when a clump of cells changes into a fetus/embryo and into a viable human. Saying all that there comes a time when the right of a woman’s body becomes a shared body of two and that is when the rights of the unborn have to also be protected.


We have a long road ahead for compromise on the issue of Abortion akin to Nuclear technology is a process in that we wish we could put the lid back on the Genie bottle but we cannot and we must find the best path to prevent as many Abortions from happening or even getting to that point in the first place. 


Religious Liberty:


I thank God that the birth of our nation came from our faith in Christianity and GOD. 


I believe that the Government should NOT infringe on our rights to worship GOD or infringe on the right to not worship a GOD.


With that said, we are NOT a Christian/Catholic Nation, a Jewish Nation, and Muslim Nation, or any nation based on a specific religion.


Our government is NOT a theocracy though so in America we have multiple religions, as long as we all can coexist and work together to create a positive society for all, all religions are welcome here. 


However, we are granted by the Constitution the RIGHT of Freedom from Religion (Church of the State) and the Freedom of Religion. Our Country was founded on the Freedom of Religion and the Freedom from Religion just ask the Pilgrims. Although our Founding documents notate GOD many times, we recognize that GOD is not regulated to any one religion, we also must recognize that although “Separation of Church and State” is not worded in the Constitution that both our 1st and 14th amendments.

An Internet Bill of Rights For Consumers of Social Media:


Social Media has become a large part of our communication system to move information around. Social Media companies whose purpose was to be a tool of communication have now been compliant in censoring information from being shared, mainly used as a means of political control.


Many understand that although these places of communication are private companies they have also become monopolies as “just create your own social media” has proven to not be as easy. Servers, Services, etc including Amazon, Payment processors like Paypal, Google, Apple, and others who control the lion’s share of the backbone of the internet and are willing to shut down anyone who steps out of line.


Many have noted that in the information age the censorship and the”misinformation” labels and “fact-checks” that are used heavily on services like Facebook and Youtube are done in such a manner reminiscent of the book 1984.


Our latest pandemic and the 2020 election showed us all how easily information can be controlled and how quickly information and people can be labeled as “false” or “conspiracy” and how people and organizations can be taken down. This collaboration between “news media”, “social media”, “political parties”, and even the White House presents a danger to our “Freedom of the Press” and “Freedom of Assembly” as well as our “Freedom of Speech.”


One could argue that private companies do not owe us these rights but one can remind you that the Constitution states the Government cannot prevent these rights and considering that the same government controls the FCC and the telecommunications systems that the Internet runs on they can also compel companies into granting our rights.


In the recent past and in the future we will see more litigation on these subjects and it is important for our future and the future of the freedom of communication that we work towards a way we can communicate with each other without the fear of being cut off from the internet, that same internet that is vital to how we all live our lives.


This is why we need an Internet Bill of Rights.

Tax Reform:


The Government already takes too much of the income we work hard for, we must prevent the government from getting more.


We must reduce the ways the government takes our income from us. Rather this is by ending the FED, or the IRS, enough is enough and people want to be able to spend the money they earn and NOT give it to a wasteful government that always stays in debt. 


We also need to ensure that our IRS does not become a weaponized arm of the government.

If you have noticed any issues missing feel free to reach out to Peter Boykin and let’s discuss what issues matter to you.


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