Instead of Debating Bo Hines Blocked Peter Boykin in a Beta Move How Will Bo Handle Congress

Written by on July 12, 2021

Instead of Debating Bo Hines Blocked Peter Boykin in a Beta Move How Will Bo Handle Congress?


Bo Hines Mr #BetaBo Decided Rather than Debate #Boykin4Congress he took a play out of his experience in football and blocked Peter Boykin.

How is Bo going to stand up for #AmericaFirst if he cannot even debate his opponent?

Bo Hines Blocked His Fellow Candidate From Seeing His Twitter Wall in a #BetaMale move. If #BetaBo thinks it’s a good idea to block your fellow conservative how is he going to stand a chance against the big boys and girls if get gets to Congress?

#Boykin4Congress only stated the truths about Peter Boykin vs Bo Hines, Boykin has a clear record of Leadership and Standing up for what is right even if that means against his own party. Bo Hines seems to be an Astroturf Candidate and paid for by about 60 rich friends of his parents.

The Republicans and Those Who Voted for Trump are against the Swamp, they all wanted people that were willing to Speak up and put #AmericaFirst. How is Bo going to do that if the best he can do is block those he disagrees with?

Americans want someone who will speak out against the corruption in government from both the right and the left. Someone who will make sure that we stop the steal of future elections and who will put those responsible feet to the fire.

Our Future depends on much more than pretty graphics and catchphrases. It needs action, and that means standing up to extremism on both sides of the fence and being there for the WHOLE community you want to Represent Not just some.

Peter Boykin is a Non-Traditional Candidate that learned from Trump and others that in order to Conserve America you have to be willing to work with those you might not agree with or oppose, and also speak up and fight for what is right.

Experience does matter when it comes to a Federal Position, and we are not talking about holding previous political offices either. We are talking about Leadership roles and world experience. Something that some 25 years old’s Like Bo Might have, but if you compare his LinkedIn resume to Peter Boykin you will see that Bo has a large gap of nothing. The best he has is he played football… oh and he goes to Law School…. just what Congress needs another Lawyer!

If Blocking Is All #BetaBo is Good For It makes sense because all he brings to the table is he is young (inexperienced) and he plays football. Peter Boykin has only stated the truth.

So if you Voted Right, You Voted For Trump, and you want to put #americafirst and conserve this country then go with someone who has Leadership, who Stands up for what is right, and who is willing to FIGHT for all Americans. Someone who will ensure that we stop the steal of any more elections, that we will defeat the extremism of the left and stop anyone on the right that will dare destroy our party. Someone who will protect our children and who will defend our liberty, then you should choose Peter Boykin

If you would like to speak to him directly his number is 919-758-0597 how many of you have Bo’s number?

God Bless North Carolina
District 13 and the USA
Peter Boykin For US Congress

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