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4 Arrested and Charged with violating the stay-at-home order For Praying In Greensboro NC     Ron Glenn, the public information officer for the Greensboro Police Department, said that any person who is outside of their home and is not covered by an exception in the order, such as essential work activity or essential travel, […]

THE #CORONABILL FAILS MANY ALREADY SUFFERING This Stimulus Bill is Bull Shit for Most people who were already suffering due to job loss before this #Coronavirus LOOPHOLES SHUT OUT MANY PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED Pray We #ReOpenAmerica Soon!   Listen to “THE CORONABILL FAILS MANY ALREADY SUFFERING” on Spreaker.     If you support my podcast […]

America is Closed Small Businesses are Suffering #CoronaVirus is Killing Us PRAY WE #ReOpenAmerica Soon THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE   Listen to “THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD – THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE” on Spreaker.     If you support my podcast #GoRight […]

Why Close Early? Covid-19 doesn’t keep hours nor does a #ChinaVirus spawn at 5pm !! You are forcing more people to be at a place in a smaller window to shop! Plus a Toliet Paper Fairy does not appear magically at 730 at Costco!!   Listen to “THE COVID MONSTER IS COMING TO GET […]

Coronavirus     Last night the Senate unanimously passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. This bipartisan package will provide much-needed support for families and businesses as well as stabilize the economy. Highlights of the CARES Act: Direct assistance to families and workers through recovery checks. Individuals are eligible for checks up […]

We Have a Deal White House and Senate leaders reached a historic deal shortly after midnight Wednesday on a massive $2 trillion coronavirus relief package for workers and businesses “Ladies and gentlemen, we are done,” White House legislative affairs director Eric Ueland announced as he left the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., […]

For Gods Sake #ReOpenAmerica Now The only thing for certain this #ChineseVirus is doing is killing small businesses. This is a curse 😡 they put on us. The China Communist Party is laughing at us. They couldn’t beat Trump so they decided to torch the world and we are falling for it. For God’s Sake […]

#Coronavirus While President Trump delivers real solutions and a positive rallying cry for the American people during this pandemic, Democrats are singularly focused on petty partisan politics. Instead of providing Americans with relief, Democrats are pushing a socialist agenda that includes: $35 million for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts A climate change mitigation […]

Left Vs Right Our Representatives Continue to Fail Us and Citizen Suffer This report is correct. “Pelosi & Schumer are willing to risk your life, your job, your retirement savings for a radical, left-wing wish list that has nothing to do with this virus, Disgraceful.” Listen to “Left Vs Right Our Representitives Continue to […]

  TOILET PAPER!!! The World Caves to The Need Yet Keeps Ordering Take Out?! Nostradumbass?! THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TP FOR THE WORLD   Listen to “THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TP FOR THE WORLD” on Spreaker.   If you support my podcast #GoRight with Peter Boykin consider chipping in currently the website host, […]

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