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Trump Willing to Give a Immigration Compromise in Order to Build The Wall, is that The Art of the Deal? President Trump, in an aired White House address Saturday, provided Democrats a compromise bundle on migration in an effort to finish the almost month long partial government closure– although Democrats rejected the olive branch as […]

Half of Donald Trump’s Term is Over… Do you Feel He has Done Well So Far? Come Sunday, President Trump will formally be midway via his White Residence term. As he reaches that turning point in his presidency let’s examine Trump’s accomplishments: Guarantees kept Approving tax cuts: As a prospect, Trump promised to simplify the […]

Mueller declares that BuzzFeed’s Report is #FakeNews and Trump agrees President Trump on Saturday stated he appreciates FBI special advice Robert Mueller releasing a statement disputing parts of a BuzzFeed report claiming Trump routed Michael Cohen to exist to Congress about the timing of discussions over a suggested Trump Tower job in Moscow. ” I […]

The Anti-Semitism is giving the Women’s March a Bad Name? Controversy and also the government closure greeted marchers that collected in Washington Saturday for the third annual national Women’s March. The event, which started near Freedom Plaza blocks from the White House, drew thousands, a number much fewer than the hundreds of thousands who descended […]

Even Romney Who is a #NeverTrumper backs Trump on the #Shutdown Agreeing with Trump’s stance on the partial government closure, Romney backed Trump’s call for a wall on the southern boundary and also states he doesn’t comprehend the Democrats’ placing on the problem. ” You (Pelosi) and also your fellow Democrats have voted for over […]

Trump States The Extreme Left is Controlling Pelosi just hours prior to Trump’s White House speech on the border wall deal President Trump on Saturday implicated Home Audio speaker Nancy Pelosi of being controlled by the far-left, hours before he is due to make an “vital” White Home statement on the partial government closure and […]

Trump’s Push for New Tariff Powers may cause some Conservatives to Gripe. Will you? An “America First” proposal to make it easier for President Trump to impose tariffs without congressional approval already is seeing opposition from some Republicans and conservative groups. The “United States Reciprocal Trade Act” was reportedly drafted by White House trade adviser […]

THE WAR IN AMERICA!!! Many of you are starting to recognize there is a “war” going on in our United States. We are in times never seen before in history. Our Democracy is being challenged and civil liberties are being taken from us! What used to be the Democratic party “No Longer” represents America… Facts […]

Ladies and Emasculated Males We Give you the 2019 “WOMENS” March sponsors Below is a list of groups who are still listed as sponsors of the 2019 Women’s March. The group has been hit by a number of allegations of anti-Semitism: #MetooMilitary 9to5 Georgia 18 Million Rising A Band of Voters A CALL TO […]

The DNC was …. Guess What? HACKED by…… RUSSIA!!! The DNC declared it was targeted in a cyber attack– likely by the “Russians” just days after November’s midterm elections. The allegation was revealed in court papers where the DNC stated that the hackers appear to have made use of the very same strategies as the […]

#WALKAWAY from The Left DON’T #WalkAway From the GOP :Contentment is the Enemy of The Right Everyday I hear these common things that people say: No more donkey or elephants… We need a lion or The Republican Party is full of people who are ideologically opposed to Trump and what he represents and stands for. […]

A Law practice that was connected to Manafort reached a settlement with the Justice Department Manafort was advising Skadden in 2012 to do work for the government of Ukraine’s then-President Viktor Yanukovych, Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s had ties with the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP that worked for pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine […]

Wheelchair Bound Education Secretary Betsy DeVos recovers from a recent bicycle accident that broke her pelvis and hip socket. DeVos was in a wheelchair Thursday during her first public appearance since the accident, Politico reported. She was speaking at an entrepreneurship event in Washington. According to Education Department Press Secretary Liz Hill “Secretary DeVos is back in […]

Raising the Age to 18 for Marriage in South Carolina? Will it work? South Carolina legislators are looking for to increase the minimal age for marital relationship in the Palmetto State. State legislators claimed they intend to present an expense that would certainly forbid marital relationships for individuals under 18 years of ages with no […]

President Trump on Thursday denied armed forces aircraft to Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi for an international trip just mins before the legislative delegation was readied to leave. Dear Madame Speaker, Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this […]

Beto O’Rourke on the Path to 2020 is ‘In and out of a funk’ Media cherished as well as previous Texas Senate prospect Beto O’Rourke is blogging his approach via a typical American journey, with a rambling essay educating visitors he has in fact “been stuck recently” as he strikes the street to fulfill individuals […]

Good morning I am your host for the day, /u/peterboykin It is a wonderful day to MAGA, I have a question. First Do you support a full Repeal to Obamacare? Creating Jobs? Lowering Taxes? Reducing Federal Spending and Debt? Reforming Health Care? Caring for Veterans? Defeating Against Threats to Our National Security? Stopping Illegal Immigration? Defending […]

FBI Fugitive of the past Angela Davis will deliver a MLK Day lecture Angela Davis is writer, instructor as well as famous civil liberties lobbyist, and previous FBI Fugitive. and now a MLK Day Honored Speaker. Angela Davis, a protester that acquired prestige in the 1960s and also 70s while dealing with the Communist Party […]

Lindsey Graham is ‘jeopardized’ because he might be “Gay” according to a Hard-left Dem recently accused of ‘awesome bigotry’ A hard-left Democrat from Minnesota is buried in responses and grievances of homophobia after replicating ungrounded complaints pushed by MSNBC as well as additionally liberal activists that Republican political leader Sen. Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed […]

Rudy Giuliani says the time has actually come for unique counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation to be investigated President Trump’s individual lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, declared Wednesday night that he “never ever said there was no collusion” in between members of President Trump’s 2016 governmental project and Russian officials– however he did state that Trump himself never […]

Don’t Worry Civil Servants: Those On Shutdown NOT working Consider it a Long Paid Vacation, Those of you working with No Pay Now: SUCKS to be YOU President Trump has actually authorized the process to assure that furloughed government employees  or those required to function without pay throughout the partial federal government closure get back […]

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[audio src=""] The {New York|New york city} Times {just|simply} {admitted|confessed} that anti-Trumpers within the FBI targeted the president {specifically|particularly} to get back at him for {firing|shooting} {former|previous} FBI Director James Comey. This “{reveal|expose}” comes weeks after {delivered|provided} the news to our audience. {{Also|Likewise}, a left-wing {website|site} {called for|required} the {banning|prohibiting} of heterosexuality {because|since|due to the fact that} it {encourages|motivates} “homophobia” and “{racism|bigotry}.”|A left-wing {website|site} called for the {banning|prohibiting} of heterosexuality {because|since|due to the fact that} it {encourages|motivates} “homophobia” and “{racism|bigotry}.”} {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is border wall {advocate|supporter} Aisha Love {providing|offering|supplying} {hard|difficult|tough} {data|information} on the {safety|security} of America’s youth {regarding|concerning|relating to} {illegal|unlawful|prohibited} {immigration|migration}. {{Furthermore|Additionally|Moreover|In addition}, {financial|monetary} {analyst|expert} Peter Schiff breaks down how to {move forward|progress|move on} after Wall Street’s {volatile|unstable|unpredictable} stock action.|{Financial|Monetary} {analyst|expert} Peter Schiff breaks down how to move forward after Wall Street’s {volatile|unstable|unpredictable} stock action.}

[audio src=""] Democrats’ Island {Getaway|Trip|Vacation} – {Dozens|Lots} of Democrat {lawmakers|legislators} jetted off to Puerto Rico for {fun|enjoyable} under the sun as President Trump and Republicans {remain|stay} in Washington to {find|discover} {a solution|a service|an option} to the {government|federal government} shutdown, which is now the longest in U.S. history. {{Meanwhile|On the other hand}, the Deep State is melting down over the NYT piece {admitting|confessing} the FBI {launched|introduced|released} a soft coup {against|versus} Trump {despite|in spite of|regardless of} the {fact|truth|reality} there continues to be no {evidence|proof} of Russian collusion.|The Deep State is melting down over the NYT piece {admitting|confessing} the FBI {launched|introduced|released} a soft coup {against|versus} Trump {despite|in spite of|regardless of} the {fact|truth|reality} there continues to be no {evidence|proof} of Russian collusion.} On today’s {show|program}, we’ll {discuss|talk about|go over} how Trump can expose the {government|federal government} traitors and {secure|protect} the border in {short|brief} order by {declaring|stating} a National {Emergency|Emergency situation}.

Citizen vs City Hall Moment of Silence for Victims of Illegal Immigrants DENIED #BuildThatWall The Speech Peter Boykin gave at Greensboro City Council First of all, I want to acknowledge I was recently retweeted by the City of Greensboro because I stated that Greensboro is the place to live. I mean that, I also live […]

Stand Against Communism Hosted by When: Jan 12 2019 1pm-5pm Where: Romare Bearden Park 300 South Church St. Charlotte NC 28202 Event Link: As many of you know there has been a rise in violence from groups like antifa and the red guards in this country. These groups are starting to form in Charlotte NC […]

2019: The Diversity of @CPAC in The Age of #TRUMP & #MAGA CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) is an annual conference/celebration event that is an essential part of the right leaning person’s celebration of their political leanings. One of the greatest facts is that CPAC is an event that keeps growing, with attendance topping the […]

[audio src=""] The partial government shutdown is soon to be the longest ever as President Trump remains firm on his demands for funding the US-Mexico border wall. However, the White House has already begun laying the groundwork for declaring a national emergency to build the wall by eying a disaster spending bill that allocates billions for the Army Corp of Engineers to use on civil projects. Joining today’s show is political commentator Cassandra Fairbanks revealing new details from her visit with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Furthermore, reporter Millie Weaver breaks down where Americans stand on Trump’s presidency. Start your weekend informed.

[audio src=""] President Trump leaves for Texas to rally support for the US-Mexico border wall that has been the key issue in the partial government shutdown that nears its third week. Trump has vowed to his base he won’t “cave” on the wall’s construction. Also, Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos is set for the world’s most expensive divorce that will knock him from the richest to the fourth richest person on the planet. Joining today’s show is Paul Joseph Watson breaking down the populist surge in Europe. Also, Simon Roche of @suidlanders discusses the crisis in South Africa. Furthermore, founder and director of the Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes shares his fight in defending the Constitution.

[audio src=""] Globalist fact checkers had to ignore the data President Trump provided in his argument for the US-Mexico border wall by attacking the speech as “stoking fear.” Also, across the Atlantic, the BBC was slammed for promoting a “debate” on whether honor killings are good or bad. The backlash began after the UK network asked if a refugee who renounced Islam and faced death should be “respected.” Joining today’s show is Freedom First’s Joey Gibson with Sheriff Bob Songer rallying for Americans’ right to defend themselves. Furthermore, comedian Owen Benjamin discusses how the establishment left ruined comedy and due process. Call and tune in now!

[audio src=""] President Trump is set to {announce|reveal} {a national|a nationwide} {emergency|emergency situation} over the crisis on the Southern border in {one of|among} his biggestmoves to date. Trump’s {declaration|statement} {could|might} {circumvent|prevent} Congress and the partial {government|federal government} shutdown to {force|require} {construction|building|building and construction} of the US-Mexico border wall. {Across|Throughout} the Atlantic, the chairman of Germany’s {right-wing|conservative} {party|celebration} is {{fighting|combating|battling} for|defending} his life after a gang of left-wing terrorists {attempted|tried} to {kill|eliminate} him by {almost|practically|nearly} beating him to death. {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is’s European {correspondent|reporter} Dan Lyman {delivering|providing} {exclusive|special|unique} intel on the migrant crisis and France’s populist riots. {{Furthermore|Additionally|Moreover|In addition}, writer/director Devon Stack {provides|offers|supplies} his dark {brand|brand name} of geopolitical insight.|Writer/director Devon Stack {provides|offers|supplies} his dark {brand|brand name} of geopolitical insight.} {Call and tune|Tune and call} in now!

[audio src=""] Left-wing outlet The Young Turks {deleted|erased} {numerous|various|many} videos {pushing|pressing} {a fake|a phony} {narrative|story} that {said|stated} a white supremacist {murdered|killed} a young black {girl|woman|lady} when in {fact|truth|reality} the {gunman|shooter} was black.|When in {fact|truth|reality} the {gunman|shooter} was black,

[audio src=""] President Trump and the Democrats still {have|have actually} not reached {a deal|an offer} over border wall {funding|financing} as the {government|federal government} shutdown {stretches|extends} into its {third|3rd} week. Trump {has|has actually} even {indicated|suggested|shown} that the shutdown {could|might} last for months {or even|and even|or perhaps} years {should|ought to|must|need to} the Democrats {refuse|decline} to {compromise|jeopardize} on {securing|protecting} the border. {{Meanwhile|On the other hand}, power-hungry {House|Home} Dems {have|have actually} {already|currently} {revealed|exposed} their {true|real} {intentions|objectives|intents}, {including|consisting of} abusing their political power to {exact|precise|specific} {revenge|vengeance} on Trump for winning 2016.|Power-hungry {House|Home} Dems {have|have actually} {already|currently} {revealed|exposed} their {true|real} {intentions|objectives|intents}, {including|consisting of} abusing their political power to {exact|precise|specific} {revenge|vengeance} on Trump for winning 2016.} On today’s {show|program}, we’ll {discuss|talk about|go over} how Trump {needs|requires} to {declare|state} a National {Emergency|Emergency situation} …

[audio src=""] The {new|brand-new} year {begins|starts} with a record {number of|variety of} {employed|utilized|used} Americans as the {participation|involvement} rate reaches a Trump-era high. {Despite|In spite of|Regardless of} this, Dems are {obsessed|consumed} more than ever to {remove|eliminate|get rid of} Trump from {office|workplace} as the partial gov shutdown {hits|strikes} the two-week mark. The most brazen {display|screen|display screen} of this was when the {first|very first} Muslim Congresswoman {declared|stated} “we’re going to impeach the {mother|mom} f *** er” after being sworn in. {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is kickboxing world {champion|champ} Andrew Tate {explaining|discussing|describing} the {deception|deceptiveness} behind {depression|anxiety}. {{Furthermore|Additionally|Moreover|In addition}, investigative {journalist|reporter} Wayne Madsen shares the {hottest|most popular} geopolitical news you {won’t|will not} {find|discover} {elsewhere|somewhere else|in other places}.|Investigative {journalist|reporter} Wayne Madsen shares the {hottest|most popular} geopolitical news you {won’t|will not} {find|discover} {elsewhere|somewhere else|in other places}.} Start your weekend {informed|notified}. {Call and tune|Tune and call} in now!

Trump: We need to protect the border, we need to stop drugs from coming across the border Jan. 03, 2019 – 8:04 – President Trump, border patrol experts address the press in the White House briefing room. Watch the latest video at I want a wall on our southern border and so does the […]

[audio src=""] Tech {giant|huge} Apple is set for its worst day in over {six|6} years as its stock dropped over 9% due to what CEO Tim Cook blames as {poor|bad} iPhone sales in China. {Correspondingly|Similarly|Likewise|Alike}, the plunge {caused|triggered} the DOW to drop 500 points, {prompting|triggering} expectations of a slowing {global|worldwide|international} economy. {{Also|Likewise}, Democrats {intensified|magnified|heightened} their “resistance” {movement|motion} {against|versus} President Trump on their {first|very first} day back in Congress while Nancy Pelosi’s {daughter|child} {warned|cautioned|alerted} that her {mother|mom} {is able to|has the ability to} cut the {head off|avoid} of her {opponents|challengers}.|Democrats {intensified|magnified|heightened} their “resistance” {movement|motion} {against|versus} President Trump on their {first|very first} day back in Congress while Nancy Pelosi’s {daughter|child} {warned|cautioned|alerted} that her {mother|mom} is able to cut the head off of her {opponents|challengers}.} {Joining|Signing up with} today’s {show|program} is the unapologetically patriotic Mindy Robinson exposing pedophile activity on Twitter.

JUSTICE ISN’T BLIND   Lafayette Park, Washington DC 12pm Est 1/5/2019 This is a free speech rally that will be held at Lafayette park next to the Whitehouse. We can’t promote this event on social media really since we are being censored, which is one of the reason why we are rallying this weekend. We […]

The Government Is Robbing Us How does that Make You Feel? Normally when you use Facebook you will get the typical Chain Posts through messenger… but this one hit a note… A woman dies at age 65 before collecting one benefit check. She and her employer paid into the system for almost 50 years and […]

[audio src=""] President Trump reacted to Mitt Romney’s hit piece by informing him to be a team gamer with the other Republicans so they can focus on the border wall, national security, and tax cuts. Likewise, America’s shale production now challenges OPEC’s supremacy in Asia after the item saw explosive growth. Joining today’s broadcast is Roger Stonebreaking down what he calls the “treachery” of Dr. Jerome Corsi. Furthermore, Paul Joseph Watson provides the most popular handles world occasions. Do not miss out on a minute.

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